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Rick's Recommendations

Honduras - Medium

These beans are organic and shade grown at 4,000 feet in the Agalta region in the province of Olancho, Honduras. We roast this single origin bean to a perfectly balanced, medium/dark profile that brings out its full body: tropical, sweet chocolaty notes with a beautiful bright acidity.  This bean is a favourite of many.

Ethiopian Sidamo - Medium

From the birthplace of coffee comes this extraordinary bean, hence its popularity.  And it is how we roast it that brings out its best:  slightly sweet, citric flavour with hints of green tea-like character and a touch of honeysuckle.  This is a very clean coffee that honours its homeland.  We roast this delicate bean at a medium profile.  

Congo - Dark

As a roaster, this is one of my favourites.  Deep from within West Africa's Congo comes this organic bean that is also fair trade!  We love to roast this particular bean dark, so that we can take full advantage of its medium acidity and bold taste.  If you wanted to try something off the beaten track, this is a good one!