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Our Story

At Good Neighbour Coffee, it is a story of fairness, quality and sustainability.

From Rick Abma, founder of Good Neighbour:

"I love coffee. And the idea of fresh has always been a priority.  So I began roasting coffee myself, and found that the best tasting coffee is first and foremost enjoyed within one week of its roast date.  So I bought a roaster (the cost made it clear why not many go down this road), and roasted for myself and my neighbours .  Not only was this  the freshest and best tasting coffee, but it began to develop community among neighbours. And when neighbourhoods have a healthy community, the quality of life goes up. Good neighbours are irreplaceable."


Good Neighbours are global

Three groups in Canada (New Westminster,Toronto and Central Alberta) pay directly to the farmers who are currently working with local missionaries in Olancho, Honduras – almost 50% above New York coffee trade prices.  With many coffees that are fair trade and organic carry a higher price tag, but the coffee farmer is usually the getting the shorter end of the stick. At Good Neighbour Coffee, we are serious about our personal relationship with those farmers we know in Honduras – We want to pay them well!  The farms have grown to include almost 250 workers, who now sort their product for the excellent green beans that are fresh roasted by us at Good Neighbour Coffee.

Not only is our coffee organic, fair trade, direct trade and locally and freshly roasted, all proceeds are shared by the more than 200 workers in Honduras and by "Neighbourhood Life", a central Alberta ministry that brings neighbourhoods together for Christ.